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Tooheys New is a full strength beer that's one of the finest examples of mainstream lager style beers available in Australia today. It's available off the tap and in a variety of very handy packs that let you take it home without spilling it.

The guys with the best job in the world, the professional beer tasters, reckon that Tooheys New has a lightly hopped taste that is complimented by a malty character to deliver the perfect balance of bitter and sweet beer flavours. A favourable point of difference for New is its smooth subtle body, which is low in effervescence, leading to enhanced thirst quenching qualities and sessionability.

Roughly translated, that means it's a top drop that'll quench a raging thirst and leave you with a taste for a few more. Who could argue with that!

Tooheys began beer brewing in 1869 - creating ales, brewed in the style of English and German dark beers. Tooheys Old was one of these beers and, for some strange reason, was originally called 'Tooheys Ordinary'.

The '30's saw a move in Australian brewing towards a lighter style of beer and in 1931 ''Tooheys New Special'' was launched on tap. This brew was a perfect match for the great Aussie thirst and was one of the first 'new' lager style beers that now make up the bulk of beer we drink. Some of you may have heard of 'Tooheys Draught' and wonder where this fits in. Well that's where things got a bit confusing for a while.

The version of New available in cartons was originally called 'Tooheys New Special Draught', which over time was shortened to Tooheys Draught. Unfortunately people then started to think New on tap and Tooheys Draught in cartons were different beers. This has never been the case, it's always been the same great beer off the tap and in cartons.

To clear things up, everything has now been given the same name 'Tooheys New'. So if you fancy shouting your mates a smooth, easy drinking draught beer all you need to say is 'Give that man a New!'


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