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If you think the most important things in life are mates, sport and great beer - then you're gonna love the Tooheys New Brewmasters Club.

The Tooheys New Brewmasters Club is exclusive to Tooheys New drinkers and is designed to reward you just for drinking your favourite beer. As a member of the club you will receive 'Tooheys News', the club magazine, which is packed full of sports features, beer info, jokes, competitions and even the occasional good sort! You can also get your hands on limited edition beer gear, access to VIP member events and other member only freebies and special offers.

Here's how the club works - every carton of Tooheys New carries a Tooheys New Brewmasters Club token or Tooheys New proof of purchase token on the base or under one of the end flaps. These tokens are the club currency. All you have to do is collect the tokens, send them in and then you can use them to get hold of great member only benefits!

Tooheys have been brewmasters for more than 130 years. Tooheys began beer brewing in 1869 - creating ales, brewed in the style of English and German dark beers. These included Tooheys Old, one of Australia's oldest and most unique beers and still a favourite with drinkers 130 years on.

Tooheys New is a full strength beer that's one of the finest examples of mainstream lager style beers available in Australia today. The guys with the best job in the world, the professional beer tasters, reckon that New has a lightly hopped taste that is complimented by a malty character to deliver the perfect balance of bitter and sweet beer flavours. A favourable point of difference for New is its smooth subtle body, which is low in effervescence, leading to enhanced thirst quenching qualities and sessionability.

Roughly translated, that means it's a top drop that'll quench a raging thirst and leave you with a taste for a few more. So if Tooheys New is your favourite drop, get stuck in and join the Tooheys New Brewmasters Club to start getting rewards.


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