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Tooheys New is a full strength beer that's one of the finest examples of mainstream lager style beers available in Australia today - as if you didn't know that already! It's available off the tap and in a variety of very handy packs that let you take it home without spilling it.

The guys with the best job in the world, the professional beer tasters, reckon that Tooheys New has a lightly hopped taste that is complimented by a malty character to deliver the perfect balance of bitter and sweet flavours.

According to one expert, "A favourable point of difference for Tooheys New is its smooth subtle body which is low in effervescence, leading to enhanced thirst quenching qualities and sessionability."

Roughly translated, that means it's a top drop that'll quench a raging thirst and leave you with a taste for a few more. Who could argue with that?

For those of you who like a bit of beer with your food or a even a bit of food with your beer, Tooheys New goes well with a heap of different types of food but is particularly good with Asian dishes like Thai and Chinese. It also goes down a treat with good Aussie BBQ tucker, traditional pub grub and of course, the great Aussie meat pie.

You can't have a decent party without some top tucker. We all know how well New goes with food, but we've got a few suggestions on how well it goes IN food. There's some great and easy recipes such as Snags in Batter, Creamy Sate Stir Fried Steak, Beaut Sizzling Prawns, Chicken Can Can and even Bread.

Melbourne has heaps of fantastic bars, hotels and clubs, but if you're not sure where to go, we can help you there, too. Whether you're looking for the latest bar on the Melbourne scene or a just a comfortable Aussie pub, the Beer Hunter will find somewhere that suits you. Best of all you can rest assured they all serve Tooheys New.


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